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My Full Beer Cans Collection

In the beginnings of the 70's, I visited wih my wife and sons the first big mall in my town, recently opened. After the vision of a huge variety of beer cans -a lot of them were imported from other countries-, I decided to buy one of each model and then...I started as a modest beer can collector...

Well, I think it's time to introduce myself. I'm from Granada, a lovely and beautiful city in southern Spain (Have you heard about the Alhambra?, and the close typical neighbourhood of the Albaycin, where Bill Clinton said once "it's the most wonderful sunset in the world"?). My name is Jose Rios Aragon, and I am now retired, an I keep intact my passion for collecting beer cans. With the help of my family and friends, and after so many trips all over Europe and other countries in the world, I am now proud of having 3800+ full beer cans in my collection.

I am also proud of being part of CELCE (Spanish Beer Cans Collectors association, with associate no.866). This has been the jumpstart to strengthten even more -if possible- my passion as a collector, and now I'm in regular touch with other associates and collectors. I would like to exchange or buy full beer cans from all over the world.

My email is:     jose.riosaragon@yahoo.es

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